P4 Trafikkflyt App - Traffic information on your mobile

P4s Trafikkflyt app is a free Norwegian traffic app – available for iPhone and Android – and developed in partnership with V-Traffic. It helps you to drive safer and to select the best route considering the traffic situation right now! See where traffic queues are, and check traffic flow in real time!

Traffic app features:

  • Travel speed information from the entire road network. By using the app whilst driving, you also report you’re the average travel speed on your road to other users.
  • Traffic information. Get hints on accidents, road closures and road works ahead.
  • Animal warnings help you avoid the moose and raindeer, in the periods of the day and year when the animals are most active.
  • Weather warnings. Prepare for snow, rain mixed snow and slippery roads.
  • Report events and queues to the P4 traffic information center, they are shared with others as soon as they are verified.
  • Direct dialing to P4 traffic center 04400
  • Listen to P4 Lyden av Norge

Available app on the App Store Android app on Google Play

Trafikkflyt gives real time information about traffic conditions in Oslo and all over Norway, is also available on the web: www.trafikkflyt.no